Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)  

Internally raised Non-conformities, general Problems, Improvements, Customer Complaints and Supplier Incidents can all be recorded in our CAPA system.  We also have an option to use it for CARs (related to Audits) should that be needed.


The 'problem' can be driven through a complete process to ensure that a closed loop approach is taken. Logging the item, recording Containment or Remedial actions, Assigning it, confirming & planning for the ultimate resolution, identifiying causes, Corrective actions, Preventive actions plus Verification and Final-Sign-off stages can be included.


Importanly we have integrated much in the way of emailing, status processing and escalation and reminders as appropriate and we can always add more if your processes require this.


Understanding the sources / outcomes across a range of breakdowns of documents in process and completed can be made oriented by Cost, Department, type, classification, time-scale, source, change arena etc. 

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Our ShareQuality Applications have been developed as a set of template applications which can be used as core building blocks from which fully featured applications can be onwardly developed. They have a breadth of functionality which addresses the core needs of a wide range of compliance and regulatory needs for an organisation. 

The approach taken has been to use the 80-20 rule for designing solutions, with the template providing a reasonable match and extra work being required to ensure that a really good fit is gained against an organisation's specific and unique requirements. If an organisation is looking to implement a controlling approach to a specific aspect of their document needs, then they will always have some elements of the process and system they either have or want to develop that will be unique and unlike any other organisation's needs - 'the same but different' comes to mind. The uniqueness or individuality a company needs is something which on the whole tends not to work if you are purchasing 'off-the-shelf' systems; that is unless you are prepared to pay both a full licence fee to purchase the use of the product, and to pay extra to tailor it to match your specific needs. 

ShareQuality has the advantage that it has been developed knowing that change is inevitable and to be applauded, making a system framework which has the greatest chance of matching the needs of the organisation. 

Generic document controlling capabilities exist within SharePoint and these have been used and enhanced to provide greater usefulness. These include extensive Workflow capabilities, linking to email systems, integration with Calendaring, allocation of Task items directly into user's mailboxes, a vast range of add-ins from other Microsoft Business Partners, extensive search capabilities. intranet, extranet, application portal and other website management options. 

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