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We've ensured that Audits can be focused on Internal, External, Compliance and Supplier needs, and each with a different bias (i.e. Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety, Risk etc); these options can of course be altered to reflect your businesses needs.  Built into the application is a structured process with linked emailing and stages plus assigning personnel as required.  Emails and reminders are automatically sent to Auditors, Auditees and other 'Assigned To' people.  Screenshots of forms are below.  The 'normal' stages we've included for the Audit and CAR forms are:

  Audit Form Stages   CAR Form stages
  • Management scheduling
  • Assigning to an Auditor
  • Acceptance/Rejection by the Auditor
  • Advising the Auditee
  • Completing and Awaiting Results
  • Requesting Acceptance by the Auditee
  • Confirmation by Management
  • Completed
  • Creation from an Audit
  • Assign to a named person (Assigned To)
  • Acceptance/Rejection by Assigned To
  • Confirmation of Problem
  • In Progress (fix being worked upon)
  • Verification Requested
  • Confirmation/Rejection of Actions
  • Completed

Once the Audit has been completed, Action items (CARs, non-conformities, observations) are sent to responsible people. Feedback upon completion happens to Auditors, the Audit Schedule Manager and others as required. Graphical representations of progress are reflected in a number of in-built Views and displays which can be altered or enhanced.


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