Formal Document Control


This application is great for Policies, Procedures, SOP's, Forms, Checklists (plus any other types you want to control).  We use a base template to record information about the document we are wanting to control including essentials like up to 5 levels of categorisation, who the Approvers should be, when a Review should happen in the future and most importantly who has the absolute control over the document as the 'Document Owner'.  


The source of the document (normally a Microsoft Word document) plus a PDF taken from that source document, is also included so that end-users who need to use it to perform their work and daily tasks, can see it as fast as possible.


The application has a strict way of controlling documents through their life-cycle, such that once it has been worked up (as a 'Draft'), it must proceed through an Approval stage before it can be 'Published'.  If the document needs to be amended in the future, 'Change Requests' can be raised and the Owner can decide when to create the next full version which needs to again go through drafting, Approval and Publishing before it becomes the next live version.  The 'old' version is automatically set with a 'Superseded' status.


Microsoft 365 provides the ideal medium to present a range of different Views to users allowing them to display and list the documents in a range of different ways as well also having extensive and very capable search options to help get the information to appropriate people.


Importantly we've also covered the requirements of Reviews, Approvals, Publishing, Escalation reminders, Cyclical (annual) review reminders and Change Request Management all within the system. 




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