Health & Safety Risk Management


Risk Management within an organisation can cover a range of different scopes. Our current offering is focussed on the needs of controlling and managing Health & Safety assessments.  We will be expanding this over time into IT, Finance, Quality Management, Environmental etc, and though we have built numerous specific solutions to cover those, we are most comfortable with Health & Safety as a first stage.


This current solution allows for the recording of the following aspects and it includes a range of key steps:

- general information about the assessment

- key personnel and timescales plus categorisations and classifications about the Process element

- Hazard Details and choice options which can be configured to match your organisation's requirements

- risk identification and mitigation focussed on activities within a Process

- ability to record both both Pre- and Post- change measurements

- Formal Approval and Publishing of version controlled Assessment forms

- Reminders and enhancements can be logged within the system.


If you would like to see a short video-clip of our solution, click here:- Risk Management Video

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