Technical & Consultancy Services


SET UP & INSTALLATION -  includes loading the software onto the required servers. ( including set up of SharePoint server if required.) Configuration will include the setting up of keywords, user lists, and all client configurable elements of the templates. Alternatively, hosted deployment allows for an immediate commencement once contractual agreements are in place.


SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION - the template software will address most generic customers requirements immediately. However, due to the open and flexible nature of SharePoint, there will always be customer requirements that need to be customised to meet specific needs.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT - These services are offered to customers demanding structure and rigour to keep the project on target and time/ budget to ensure it meets all agreed milestones/ objectives.


DATA TRANSFER / MIGRATION - There may be data within existing systems that needs either full migration to, or integration with, ShareQuality. The extent of the data migration and integration needed, and therefore also the length of this process, depends on the number of records and the system that the records currently reside in. Timescales for data migration are specific to each implementation and are agreed with each customer assignment.


Following the deployment of a ShareQuality system, review workshops can be carried out with the customer to highlight any areas where changes would improve usage or where additional project phases might be called for. Further discussion will ensure correct mix of internal/ external resources is utilised.

A range of training solutions are available as part of the implementation, including:
- ShareQuality Admin Training
- ShareQuality User Training
- SharePoint template specification & application development

Support services ensure that any issues are quickly and efficiently resolved, ensuring quickest Return on Investment and minimising issues.

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