Meetings Management


The Meetings Management system assumes that a range of different meetings need to be recorded within the organization on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.  As such we have incorporated a number drop-down fields which allow different classifications to be applied which in turn can be used to 'View' the meetings, their outcomes and supporting documents grouped in ways which are releivant to your business.


The role of Meeting Owner is essential and enables emailing to invitees, interested parties and others involved in the process of preparing for a meeting and then recording the outcomes and discussions.  The Agenda for a meeting is created from individual entries which become the location for Notes, Outcomes and recording discussions etc.  The overall Minutes from the meeting and the attendees list ensures that any other business and a full record of the meeting can be made. 


Supporting documents such as internal communication records, letters, emails, phone calls and more can all be held by the system.  Any files such as essential reading, feedback, reports and other material can be incorporated in the documents.  A basic Action item system is included however this is planned for enhancement in the near future.


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