Legacy System Rebuild, Migration & Data Take-on expertise
We have considerable experience and expertise in migrating content from many legacy systems into other frameworks and formats. 
Domino / IBM (Lotus) Notes to SharePoint and other systems
Many organisations who have deeply embedded the IBM Domino/Notes culture, get very concerned (and rightly so) when facing the situation of a move to another platform.  The Email Migration is a 'relatively' straightforward and known situation where good planning and preparation can take care of most of the problems that surface.  However Migrating Applications is another thing altogether.  We've worked with many organisations who want both completed.  The concern point for applications being that migrating the data records is easy - 'what output do you want to present it in?' - whereas if you want to rebuild the application as well, that's a whole new situation. 
With a Rebuild & Migration project it is always worthwhile having a step after the investigation & assessment stage to consider which environment the final application should be built in.  SharePoint (either in-house or Microsoft 365) can provide great functionality but the final decision about where a replacement solution should be built has to take into consideration a whole bunch of questions not least of which includes how you want to use that (surface it, interrogate it, display it, search it, control it etc).  Again this is an area we are familiar with and can aid you in the process of considering.  But don't be fooled, there is no generic answer to this as each situation is different and every organisation has different requirements and capabilities which add to the overall elements to consider. 
Fixed Format outputs and 'X' to 'Y' data transfer needs
If you have any sort of Migration project where SharePoint, Lotus Notes or other applications are in the mix, do please feel free to forward us with a precis of what you are doing.  In return we promise to offer no-nonsense guidance and to the best of our abilities guide you with our recommendations and a project outline/roadmap accordingly.
Upgrading In-house SharePoint or from SharePoint to Microsoft 365
Upgrading to newer versions of SharePoint (both on-premise and Microsoft 365) can be a difficult and concerning time, and we've helped many organisations over the years.  Big-bang or a bit at a time - whichever is your required approach we can certainly make things smoother for you.
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